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thinkpad t30 memory slot fix - Thinkpads Forum I have another question. My T30 just arrived and I'm looking at the bottom to see if the memory slot problem is fixed. I remember reading about a "raised" portion of the cover, but I don't know what it looks like. The cover has a "raised" portion that covers the entire slot except for the screw. The raised part is only about 1/8 of an inch high. Upgrade and repair diary: IBM Thinkpad T30 - The Silicon ... They charge about $65 for the fix. Officially, the T30 only accepts 512MB DIMMs, but 1GB modules work fine. A common fix for the memory slot issue is to just put a 1 GB DIMM in the slot that works, since most versions of Windows will run comfortably with 1GB of RAM. But if you make the repair, then you can put 2 GB of RAM in it. IBM THINKPAD T30 memory slot problem - My IBM thinkpad t30 beeps 8 times at me when i go to turn it on and will not start up what is that Known issue with T30 is bad memory slot, the slot closest to the edge. \015\012If only one memory stick is installed, move to the inside slot.

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T30 memory slot problem - Lenovo Community I have a refurbished T30 with 256MB of memory in slot 0. I want to upgrade to 1GB, without using slot 1. I want to avoid possibly aggravating the slot 1 connection problem. I've heard that with a BIOS update I can upgrade to 1MB dimms. I can't find anything specific on this BIOS upgrade. I've heard ... Problem with failing memory slot - ThinkWiki

Problem with failing memory slot - ThinkWiki

Maximum memory that can be installed is 2GB despite IBM reporting 1GB. Memory slot failure. The T30 has a design flaw that results in one of the two memory slots failing over time. Both slots may fail eventually if the problem is not dealt with. Kernel Panic. Installing a 1 GB memory module may cause a Linux kernel panic on boot.

This IBM Thinkpad T30 only recognised memory in one of the dimm slots. This is a common problem caused by a design fault which causes the dimm slot socket to physically fatigue the solder contacts to the PCB.

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